Solvendis have consistently led the way in supporting providers with their RoTO and RoATP submissions.  Having offered this service since 2013 the Solvendis team have:

  • delivered over 40 RoTO/RoATP Masterclass seminars in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Reading, Bristol, Manchester and York
  • supported over 200 organisations with their submissions (including private providers, colleges, universities, employers)
  • earned a reputation for providing an effective, successful, ethical and value for money service

That said, we don’t write the submission for any of our clients, nor do we ‘sell’ model answers.  The RoATP process is fundamentally about your organisation.  You need to capture:

  • what you stand for;
  • how you do things;
  • what your aspirations are; and
  • why the ESFA should have confidence in what you do.

In our experience, however, providers overlook many of their strengths, struggle to interpret exactly what the ESFA questions are asking for and may well have policies and processes which are either out of date or non-compliant.

If you don’t answer the question thoroughly and effectively your chances of being successful are very likely to be compromised.

If you would like more information on the RoATP process feel free to call (no charge), even if you just want to check the legitimacy of what someone else has told you!

For a confidential conversation contact Neil on: 07702 555800 or email