The Solvendis Quality Improvement Team is made up of serving inspectors and other experienced managers education management professionals. Our offer is extensive and includes:

  • Interim Quality Manager/ Director support to providers, colleges and employers
  • Quality reviews, which focus on policy, process and practice – we generally review ‘fitness for purpose’, organisation compliance and recommend process improvements;
  • On-site ‘Preparing for Inspection’ Reviews (click here) ;
  • Monitoring Visit preparation support;
  • Reviewing Safeguarding arrangements, including policies and procedures;
  • Prevent Risk Assessment Reviews;
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment resulting in the production of a position report and improvement plan;
  • Delivery of in-house CPD days on a whole range of topics including, Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent, Promoting British Values, Effective Observation, Preparing for Inspection etc (click here).