Apprenticeship, AEB Traineeships and more

A flexible service which typically looks at apprenticeship provision but which can be extended or adapted to look at other funding streams (learner loans, traineeships, additional learning support etc).

Typical engagements include:

3-Day Mock Audit (sample size circa 20 learners)

5-Day Mock Audit (sample size circa 40 learners)

The sample size may vary but our methodology is built around a core which includes:

  • Obtaining a copy of agreed Occupancy and Funding Monitoring Reports derived from the ILR;
  • Identifying an appropriate ‘cross-section’ sample of learners for Audit Review;
  • Sharing the sample of learners in an agreed timescale which allows learner files, enrolment paperwork and review documentation to be collated in advance of our audit;
  • Undertaking a desktop review of the Occupancy and FM Reports provided with a view to identifying any clear errors and matters for further on-site investigation;
  • Attending agreed premises to undertake the on-site element of the Mock Funding Audit;
  • Reviewing files, electronic records and the associated paperwork, against the audit testing template and sector best practice in respect of both compliance and completeness;
  • Reporting any deficiencies identified on a file by file basis and making recommendations on the actions necessary to address the issues identified:
  • Reviewing PDSAT usage and Funding Monitoring report content;

A feedback session is held with nominated staff at the end of the last afternoon of the review and post-review we provide a full written report of our findings and recommendations.

1-Day Compliance Review

For small providers or providers with a limited number of in-scope learners we also undertake a 1 day compliance review the purpose of which is to identify Audit vulnerabilities.

For more information or to discuss your detailed requirements contact:

  • E:
  • T: 07702 555800

And don’t forget we also undertake Subcontracting External Assurance Reviews

Footnote – Solvendis had a 0% Funding Error Rate in it’s own ESFA Controls Assurance Audit of Apprenticeship Provision in March 2021.